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There is no better time to be writing than when one is a student.  You probably must be thinking that you have more than enough of writing with all the reports, lecture notes and emails to professors and fellow students.  However, a lot of us type much more often than we write.

I happened to be passing a lecture theater in Docklands a couple of days ago and noticed that a lot of fellow students there had laptops in front of them.  Now there is nothing wrong with using laptops to take notes or using it to follow slides.  In fact, I do the same thing as well.  The only difference is that I also write quite extensively.

When having discussions with my professors or being at a group discussion, it is much easier for me to jot notes down instead of carrying my laptop with me all the time.  There also may not be enough space for it if you happen to be at a café or if you cannot find any power sockets.  Apart from these issues though, I find that I am better able to write and listen at the same time rather than type and listen.

I feel that the act of writing helps us remember things and formulate our thoughts better as writing different words is an individual and unique experience rather than typing words out on a keyboard.  Have you ever had the experience of remembering the rough location where you wrote something down in a notebook and flipping to the page where you wrote it?  That is another example of the physicality of recollection as well.  We remember things much better if different senses are involved in the creation of a memory.

When I start to pen a report, I sometimes start by writing out some thoughts on a piece of paper before starting just to capture those fleeting ideas and see how I can weave them together.  What are your thoughts on typing and writing?  Do you have any study techniques to help your fellow students?

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